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New: a milk, a shower gel and a Twilly d’Hermès deodorant

New: a milk, a shower gel and a Twilly d'Hermès deodorant
New: a milk, a shower gel and a Twilly d’Hermès deodorant

Hermès presents its trio of products derived from the Twilly perfume

The universe of Hermèsis infinitely vast. Nevertheless, among its most famous products, its silk squares are particularly famous. As such, they come in many sizes and shapes. The smallest and most elongated of them is called the Twilly. It can be attached to the wrist, in the hair, at the waist or simply on your purse. In other words, the Twilly gives free rein to all eccentricities and brings a touch of cheerfulness to your outfit. It is a symbol of the joyful impertinence of women today and only gives a touch of fantasy to their unalterable joie de vivre. What’s more, the Twilly has been undergoing a metamorphosis since 2017 in the form of a chypre and fruity fragrance. Today, it is also featured in an assortment of complementary products consisting of a deodorant,

Twilly, a fruity and chypre juice

Of course, all products derived from the Twilly d’Hermès perfume contain the same olfactory ingredients as it. Thus, they are made to harmonize with each other and offer you a uniform scent from head to toe. These are treatments with a fruity and chypre flavor articulated around a trio of raw materials. The products derived from the Twilly d’Hermès fragrance begin with the spicy and slightly peppery freshness of ginger. They then express their femininity in a poetic and solar tuberose. Finally, their initial clarity gives way to a more carnal eroticism. The sensuality of these treatments is expressed in a creamy and more mysterious sandalwood.

Twilly d'Hermès deodorant
Twilly d’Hermès deodorant

The smoothness of the Twilly Shower Cream

Hermès’ Twilly Shower Cream is a true blend of sweetness. Its creamy and generous formula foams on contact with water and travels your body, offering you a real ritual of serenity. Twilly Shower Cream is suitable for all types of skin. It enriches your toilet and dresses the entire surface of your body with its wildly feminine scent.

The freshness of Twilly d’Hermès Deodorant

Body Lotion Twilly d'Hermès
Body Lotion Twilly d’Hermès

In addition to its scent, the Twilly d’Hermès Deodorant is designed to preserve your freshness from early morning until evening. Non-aggressive, it deposits a satin veil on your skin that protects your armpits throughout the day. Its formula ideally regulates perspiration. Thus, Hermès Twilly Deodorant helps you stay fresh and feel serene from early morning until night. He is the ideal companion to meet all challenges!

The protective power of Twilly d’Hermès Moisturizing Milk

Finally, to further perfect your beauty ritual, the Twilly fragrance is also available in the form of a Moisturizing Milk. This care concentrate protects your skin from external aggressions by providing it with intense hydration. It makes it more flexible and more beautiful and also increases your comfort. With him, the sensations of tightness will only be a distant memory!


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