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A Garden on the Lagoon, a new Hermès fragrance

A Garden on the Lagoon, a new Hermès fragrance
A Garden on the Lagoon, a new Hermès fragrance

Un Jardin Sur la Lagune, a new chapter in the Hermès tradition

Some perfumes play the card of individualism and tell us their own story. Others, on the other hand, are part of collections that grow richer year after year. Almost all of the biggest perfume brands have a line of fragrances that is enriched over time. At Hermès, the emphasis is on lightness and calm. Since 2003, Hermès has offered an assortment of fragrances described as reassuring and intoxicating gardens. In this year 2019, the news has just fallen: Hermès offers us yet another enchanted parenthesis. This time, his place of paradise is none other than Un Jardin Sur la Lagune .

The Jardins d’Hermès collection

Let’s start by going over the entire collection of Les Jardins d’Hermès in order to better understand the universe of this new perfume. Un Jardin Sur la Lagune comes from a large collection in which each juice takes us to a soothing place. Les Jardins d’Hermès invite us to explore gardens from all over the world. Each of the juices in this assortment is thought of as a little piece of paradise. Les Jardins d’Hermès are inspiring places that have increased the creativity of the brand’s perfumers tenfold. These are aimed at the globetrotter who sleeps in each of us and make us discover fragrant traditions from all over the world.

New fragrance Un Jardin sur la Lagune
New fragrance Un Jardin sur la Lagune

The After the Monsoon Garden plunges us into the heart of India after the heavy rains, while nature reclaims its rights. The Garden on the Nile has in it all the charm of Egypt. Le Jardin en Méditerranée offers us the best of the garrigue. The Garden Mr. Li has its source directly in China. All these juices have in common that they let the vegetation speak, as if to better transport us to a distant and enchanting elsewhere. From then on, all that matters is strolling. Time no longer matters and the intoxication of the senses takes hold of your daily life.

A Garden on the Lagoon, a solar and maritime environment

If the previous Hermès gardens were perfectly clear on their origins, the new Jardin Sur la Lagune seems to come from larger horizons. Here, there is no question of the Nile or China. The place of inspiration for this composition can, in reality, be located in the four corners of the globe … The lagoon simply designates a strip of shallow water which is separated from the sea by a coastal barrier. Shaped by the movements of the winds and the sand, the lagoon changes with the seasons.

It thus has multiple personalities and Un Jardin Sur la Lagune d’Hermès is aimed at all customers at the same time, whatever their temperament. The only certain information: everything is a question of serenity and appeasement. A Garden on the Hermès Lagoon gently takes us to the shade of a tree not far from the sea. It invites us to let ourselves be lulled by a comforting nap. Sleep guided by the waves, and skin warmed by the sun, Hermès here offers us a moment of pure pleasure.


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