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A Garden on the Nile of Hermès, a journey to the heart of Egypt

A Garden on the Nile of Hermès, a journey to the heart of Egypt
A Garden on the Nile of Hermès, a journey to the heart of Egypt

A Garden on the Nile is part of a delicious collection of essences from the house of Hermès. With these, the perfumer takes us to enchanting places. Also, in 2003, he invited us to discover a magical place, hidden somewhere around the Mediterranean. With this new essence, he invites us to the banks of the Nile, on a sumptuous journey with the only guide the perfumer Jean Claude Ellena. This brings a fresh breeze to the perfume department, far from the beaten track. What is more, his daring never ceases to amaze us and his wind of poetry is suitable for both men and women.

The nobility of the Nile in a Hermès fragrance

Jardin du Nil offers us an unforgettable walk . The latter takes us to the edge of the longest river in the world with our instinct and the scent of its bewitching scent as our sole guide. Hermès has, in fact, captured all the magic and poetry of this unique place in the world not to transcribe it in a sublime fragrance. Jardin du Nil offers us a course along the water between sandbanks, islands of vegetation, reed curtains …

Like Egypt, this essence is full of sunshine. However, this perfume also has this mineral aspect, that of the hot sand which crunches under our feet. The crisp, fresh water then contrasts with all the heat of the desert. Also, the green notes seem to remind that, among this expanse of sand, it sometimes happens that we come across a lush green garden, as if nourished by the waters of the Nile. However, it is exactly this jewel of nature that we are talking about here. Jardin du Nil transmits to us in its case much more than a perfume. He delivers us a miracle of nature born from the meeting between a river and the overwhelming heat of the largest desert in the world.

All the greenery of the most beautiful Garden of the Nile

Jardin du Nil is an amazing scent. In addition, there is an unusual ingredient in perfumery : the lotus flower. What’s more, it is here that this perfume takes on its full meaning since this ingredient is also nicknamed the Nile water lily. The latter brings a feeling of freshness, both fluid and green. In addition, it is associated with hyacinth and peony which reinforce the delicacy of its scent. The mango pulp, meanwhile, brings a more fruity tone while the grapefruit enhances its tangy hues.

Then, this is where the green side of Jardin du Nil is accentuated. We recognize the tomato stalk and carrot seed, supported by the calamus, whose smell is recognized as being herbaceous. The tender petals then find in this essence a source of the freshest water as well as a wooded and shady corner… Indeed, the whole is closed on the scents of sycamore, a large tree drawn up towards the light. Finally, the mineral notes are felt more in the background and the incense binds it all together with an elegant sophistication. The bottle, meanwhile, takes the shape of a glass lantern. It is very bright and its walls combine vegetal green with sunny yellow, like its essence and also like the shores of the Nile.


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