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An opinion on the Galop perfume

An opinion on the Galop perfume
An opinion on the Galop perfume

Galop, a fragrance that sounds like the perfect embodiment of Hermès values

There are perfumers who are said to be part of the heritage of the greatest luxury houses. Also, the history of Hermès has been considerably marked by the work of the nose Jean-Claude Ellena. However, he left his post in 2013, giving way to perfumer Christine Nagel. The latter is not at its first attempt and has already collaborated with the greatest like Narciso Rodriguez, Cartier or Lolita Lempicka. In this year 2016, Christine Nagel signs her first large solo composition within the house of Hermès and the new perfume Galop thus appears as an incomparable demonstration of her talent.

Respect for the Hermès tradition

Hermès is a brand that has always specialized in the equestrian world. In fact, Hermès moved to the heart of Paris in 1837 as a harness maker. Very quickly, Hermès decided to extend its activity to leather goods and transposed its know-how in terms of leatherworking to this new activity. Today, Hermès has been supporting the greatest equestrian champions for nearly two centuries while dedicating itself to the world of luxury. Its perfume department, meanwhile, is now huge and displays many essentials. Nevertheless, this expansion never took Hermès away from its core business and its love for the world of horses. Also, it is once again the latter which is honored within this composition. More than ever, Christine Nagel wanted to refocus on the history and heritage of this great family. As its name suggests, Galop is a scent of passion and freedom. It is a nod to horseback riding and, although it is particularly modern, it retains all the heritage and traditional know-how of the Hermès house. He is halfway between the past and the present while looking to the future. Thus, it becomes somehow timeless.

L’animalité limpide de Galop

Galop thus appears to be a very harmonious and yet contrasting juice. Indeed, as its bottle suggests, it is both limpid and transparent while displaying an out of the ordinary ardor and animality. Its bottle is faithful to the Hermès spirit and takes the shape of a stirrup. Its surface is completely transparent but its curve is underlined by metallic contours. Likewise, a fine leather lace, emblematic material of the Hermès house, is attached at the top. Everything is like a gift that was given to Hermès customers on the occasion of the inauguration of their first boutique in New York. On the scent side, Galop is a juice that remains very feminine and embellished with pink associated with the animal nature of leather. Galop is a concentrate of audacity that has successfully combined opposites, both in terms of scents and design.


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