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Hermès – Scarlet Rhubarb Water

Hermès - Scarlet Rhubarb Water
Hermès – Scarlet Rhubarb Water

Eau de Rhubarb Ecarlate, new Cologne from Hermès

The Hermès house is part of one of the oldest brands in our French heritage. Although she started out as a harness maker, she gradually extended her activity to integrate the world of perfumery. Today, Hermès is considered to be one of the major players in our olfactory know-how. What is more, if it tries to evolve according to trends to offer us always innovative compositions, Hermès also takes care to retain a share of authenticity. It is therefore precisely this period contrast that we find in the last Eau de Rhubarb Ecarlate.

Hermès’ love for Colognes

The Hermès house was created in 1837, in Paris. Nevertheless, it was not until more than a century and a half that it was oriented in the world of perfumes. This was done in 1979, the year in which Hermès asserted its status as a perfumer with the creation of an Eau de Cologne. Moreover, it is still so famous today, and has been renamed Eau d’Orange Verte. As a result, even if Hermès now offers full-fledged perfumes, it has never forgotten that its fame as a perfumer began with the creation of a Cologne. What is more, the brand does not budge its love for this type of fragrance that is both deeply rooted in collective memory, loaded with timelessness and expressing a certain authenticity associated with extreme freshness. So, making Colognes became a real tradition for the Hermès house. Today, Hermès has a large family of Colognes and recently came to complete it, in 2016. Endowed with a daring freshness, this one gives us more vegetal flavors than usual. Indeed, Eaux de Cologne are generally famous for their citrus scent. So what exactly is this new scarlet red bottle hiding?

The floral and fruity contrast of Ecarlate Rhubarb Water

As always, Eau de Rhubarbe Ecarlate is presented to us in the emblematic Hermès perfume bottle. This forms a sort of slender and refined glass column. In fact, this visual is inspired by the lanterns of the carriages of yesteryear. Once again, Hermès is therefore playing the card of authenticity and respect for our heritage. Nevertheless, the visual of this new juice is not lacking in bite and is displayed in an absolutely brilliant red color. The Eau de Rhubarb Ecarlate is also topped with an opaque black raw cap sold with a screw-in pump for possible use as a spray. As the name of this essence suggests, its flavor mostly revolves around the scent of rhubarb. Nevertheless, this one was sublimated and certain aspects of his personality were directly amplified. The result is a vegetal, crunchy and delicate fragrance. Ecarlate Rhubarb Water has the gourmet tenderness of a rhubarb pie. This delicately sweet fragrance does not lack freshness and refinement. Everything is signed by the talented perfumer Christine Nagel.

At the start of 2016, the Hermès house chose to launch two new fragrances. In this case, it will be Scarlet Rhubarb Water and Golden Neroli Water. Also, it is more precisely the first essence that is discussed in this article. For the occasion, the famous bottle of Hermès inspired by the lanterns of carriages of yesteryear is revisited. Among other things, it is adorned with a bright red that blends perfectly with its name. Its scent, meanwhile, is advertised as being full of gluttony.

Eau de Rhubarbe Ecarlate, a fragrance by Christine Nagel

While most of the time, Hermès perfumes are signed by the brand’s official nose, namely Jean-Claude Ellena, this is not the case for Eau de Rhubarbe Ecarlate. Indeed, this essence was born from the imagination of Christine Nagel. The latter is a renowned olfactory composer. She began her career at the Givaudan house in Paris. Then, she worked at Mane, even going so far as to take care of the recruitment of young talents. Each of his creations is then guided by his emotions. In each of the perfumes that she designs, it is a little of her history and her soul that she lets us glimpse. She is one of those who know how to appreciate the beauty of raw materials and above all who brilliantly manage to highlight them. Thus, this way of working has earned him many successes, also allowing him to work for the biggest brands of perfumery. In his image, these fragrances are most often generous and this is particularly the case with the new Eau de Rhubarbe Ecarlate. Also, since 2014, she has become the official perfumer of the Hermès house alongside Jean-Claude Ellena. Ecarlate Rhubarb Water is therefore a magnificent way to glimpse his talent at the service of this great house of creation.

Hermès plays with gluttony

As its name suggests, Eau de Rhubarbe Ecarlate is a perfume made from rhubarb. Moreover, this is not the first time that Hermès has made this ingredient appear in one of its perfumes since it was found for example in Rose Ikebana, from 2004. L’Eau de Rhubarbe Ecarlate, for its part. , is a cheerful and dynamic essence. Christine Nagel had fun contrasting the two facets of rhubarb, sometimes fresh and green, sometimes greedy and sweet. According to this perfumer, this duality is felt from the first scent when you breathe in the scent of a freshly cut rhubarb stem. Also, it was imperative for her to convey this feeling through her new essence. Thus, Scarlet Rhubarb Water is both soft and enveloping while not lacking in character. Besides, musks come to join this composition, bringing it more depth and voluptuousness. Although there are other ingredients in this composition, these two ingredients, namely rhubarb and musk, largely dominate the whole.
In addition, also know that this essence will be accompanied by other products such as miniatures of its perfume ideal for travel, a moisturizer to take care of your skin, or a shampoo and a shower gel to prolong the pleasure.


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