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The new Eau de Citron Noir set from Hermès

The new Eau de Citron Noir set from Hermès
The new Eau de Citron Noir set from Hermès

Eau de Citron Noir d’Hermès, a modern Eau de Cologne in a unique box

Hermès continues to assert its status as an exceptional perfumer year after year. Since 1979, the brand has been rewarding us with perfumes on the border between the past and modernity. Inspired by Eaux de Cologne from the past, Hermès has created a collection of fragrances. The latter groups together juices, each articulated around an ingredient and a color. This time, black lemon is in the spotlight and is embellished with an infinitely elegant blue color. Eau de Citron Noir highlights a little-known ingredient, which we do not really know if it is a fruit or a spice.

Black lemon is a small, tart fruit that is boiled in salted water before being dried in the sun for several weeks. This process gradually gives it a deep brown color. Its smell, for its part, softens and smokes. From this process, Hermès gave birth to a fresh and surprisingly persistent fragrance: Eau de Citron Noir, a composition that can be rediscovered today in a unique box.

The amazing scent of Black Lemon Water

Eau de Citron Noir is a fresh and woody fragrance , a very contrasting juice that sublimates the art of colognes from the past. Lemon, of course, is its central element. It reveals to us here, at first, a crystalline freshness. However, its zesty breath is quickly enriched with more subtle notes. The lemon gradually becomes more smoky and woody, almost metallic. If the lime gives it a crunchy and vegetal character, black tea, on the other hand, is more intriguing. The lemon blossom completes this essence while enveloping itself in cabreuva wood, for a rendering full of contrasts. The Eau de Citron Noir offers us here a sublime play of chiaroscuro.

The festive box of Eau d’Orange Verte

Eau de Citron Noir comes in its usual bottle, similar to the entire Hermès Eau de Cologne collection. This is a sort of slender bottle, directly inspired by the shape of the lanterns on the carriages of yesteryear. Hermès has always been very close to the equestrian world and that of travel. For the occasion, L ‘ Eau de Citron Noir is presented in an infinitely refined bluish box . In this festive box, this fragrance is delivered in a 100 ml spray. It is associated with a 7.5 ml miniature as well as a 50 g scented soap. Everything is grouped together in a box with a much more festive look.

It is covered with a pattern evoking that of a famous Hermès fabric square. As if to evoke the end of year celebrations, this box is available in a flamboyant red color. More than ever, with Hermès Black Lemon Water, it’s time to party!


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