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H24: Hermès presents its new fragrance, a tribute to today’s masculinity

H24: Hermès presents its new fragrance, a tribute to today's masculinity
H24: Hermès presents its new fragrance, a tribute to today’s masculinity

The Hermès house is one of the oldest French brands. The secret of its longevity? Its mastery and craftsmanship, combined with a visionary spirit. It is therefore with the contemporary man in mind that Hermès imagined its new perfume. Named H24, it pays homage to today’s masculinity, while repeatedly echoing the history of Hermès. So what is really behind this enigmatic name? What about its green and aromatic breath? Decryption of the H24 perfume of Hermès.

What does the name H24 mean?

H24 is a very short name but yet very symbolic. Indeed, it is far from having been chosen at random and conceals a real meaning. Let’s start with the H… Obviously, this is to echo the first letter of the Hermès brand. At the same time, the H also evokes the initial letter of the words Man and Humanity, quite a symbol if we consider that this perfume is a tribute to contemporary man and to today’s masculinity. Then it is also the H of the Hour… This perfume is the symbol of a man constantly on the move, hardly having enough hours in his day to accomplish himself as he would like. . Moreover, the name H24 also clearly refers to the 24 hours of a day. Finally, the number 24 is very often used by Hermès. This is his address in the heart of Paris. Since 1880, Hermès is located at 24 Faubourg Saint-Honoré. With this perfume, the brand takes us into its intimate universe.

H24 d’Hermès, a green and aromatic freshness

H24 d’Hermès owes its existence to perfumer Christine Nagel, who has chosen to deliver all the liveliness of men to us in a green and aromatic breath. Here, sage is placed as the centerpiece of this recipe. It combines with narcissus and rosewood, for a very elegant look. Likewise, sclarene is also incorporated into its composition. More specifically, it is a synthetic molecule reminiscent of the scent that emerges from water vapor on contact with hot metal. If Christine Nagel has chosen to integrate it into this perfume, it is once again to evoke the atmosphere present in the Hermès workshops, at the very moment when the iron presses the damp fabrics.

The contemporary and innovative bottle of the H24 perfume

The H24 perfume comes in cardboard packaging made from recycled and recyclable paper. Thus, through him, Hermès clearly expresses its desire to protect the planet. Likewise, this cardboard container is only printed on its front, in order to reduce its inking and its impact on the environment. This time, for H24, forget the traditional rectangular bottle of Hermès. Its walls have rotated slightly to draw a new rhombus. Very refined, it combines urban gray with an acid and cold green. The whole is signed by the prestigious house Pochet du Courval. The architecture of this bottle seems to be in motion, perfectly reflecting the dynamism of today’s man.


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