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Galop d’Hermès: the new bottle

Galop d'Hermès: the new bottle
Galop d’Hermès: the new bottle

Galop, the new perfumed stirrup from Hermès

In this year 2016, the Hermès brand offers us a brand new fragrance called Galop . This new juice thus seems to be yet another opportunity for the brand to immerse us in the heart of the equestrian world. What is more, this one was particularly eagerly awaited since it is the first great feminine of Christine Nagel in the Hermès workshops. The latter describes him as being an “Animal-floral.” Male Female. »Galop is a scent of movements sewn of supple and tender leather associated with a fleshy and feminine rose. It symbolizes “a moving woman who listens to the gallop of her heart. »Galop is more than ever a tribute to horse riding, including in terms of bottling.

Hermès’ love for the equestrian world

The history of Hermès plunges us into 1837. Indeed, it was at this time that Thierry Hermès decided to open his shop in the heart of Paris, near the Madeleine church. It was then a house specializing in saddlery and harnessing horses. Later, in the second half of the 19th century, Hermès moved to rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, in larger premises, which enabled it to extend its activity to the manufacture of various riding articles. This love for the equestrian world was then transmitted within the Hermès family from generation to generation. Later, following the boom in the automotive industry, Hermès developed luggage and transposed its know-how as a harness maker to the world of leather goods.

It was only in the 1920s that Hermès launched into ready-to-wear. Perfumery, for its part, arrived much later, in the 1950s. Nevertheless, despite its diversification of its activity, Hermès has never forgotten its origins and these are reflected in many of the house’s fragrances. We remember in particular Calèche, Amazon or Robacar. Also, Galop is no exception to tradition and sounds like a real homecoming, a tribute to the heritage of the House of Hermès.

The equestrian bottle of Hermès

The bottle of the new Galop d’Hermès perfume is thus designed like a stirrup. It combines glass and metal and is actually inspired by a gift that was given to guests at the inauguration of the very first Hermès store in New York on August 1, 1930. This one is still in existence. currently kept at the conservatory of Hermès creations. Thus, it is as dusted and brought up to date.

The surface of this stirrup, completely transparent, lets us glimpse its limpid juice. The whole is also inserted in the hollow of a metallic curve perfectly adopting the curve of the hand. Finally, a fine leather lace, emblematic material of the house, is attached at its top. This one recalls, of course, the stirrup which connects the saddle to the stirrup. Nevertheless, Hermès also explains that this little piece of leather evokes “the powerful attachment of a woman to her perfume. The Galop bottle has thus been thought out down to the smallest detail. It is a clever blend of modernity while remaining focused on the rich heritage of the Hermès house.


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