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The lively and impertinent scent of the Twilly d’Hermès perfume

The lively and impertinent scent of the Twilly d'Hermès perfume
The lively and impertinent scent of the Twilly d’Hermès perfume

The new fragrance from the house of Hermès is called Twilly. Its name then clearly echoes a Hermès silk scarf. In fact, if the Carrés Hermès exist in different sizes, the Twilly is the smallest. Today it is tied around the neck of its bottle and brings a particularly festive concentration of colors. Immediately, Twilly’s design makes you want to find out more about it. So let’s take a closer look at what this hides in terms of composition

Hermès celebrates a trio of ingredients with Twilly

With the Twilly perfume, the Hermès house explains that it wants to address a new generation of women. However, in our opinion, the bet seems brilliantly won. Indeed, this fragrance is based on a fairly simple but perfectly harmonious recipe. This one is not lacking in impertinence and its audacity is enough to seduce a very large population of clients. The brand describes its composition as a floral, spicy and oriental scent. Twilly begins with the characteristic smell of ginger.

This plant from India and China does not go unnoticed and here delivers a spicy, peppery, pinkish and soapy breath. It is then quickly relayed by more femininity. Tuberose, introduced to Grasse in the 17th century, first of all got off to a heady start. Then, it becomes more syrupy and develops a more honeyed, warm and creamy breath. Its heady scent dominates an enormous bouquet of white flowers and is also enveloped in the smoothness of sandalwood. Coming from India, this raw material completes this composition with a woody and smoky, milky and creamy breath.

Christine Nagel, creator of the Twilly perfume

Of course, this perfume is the work of the exclusive perfumer of the house of Hermès: the talented Christine Nagel . Born in 1959 in Geneva, this designer does not yet have a classic background. Many say that she learned perfumery against the grain. Indeed, Christine Nagel comes from a scientific field. She worked for a very long time in the chromatography department of Firmenich. In other words, creativity had no place in his daily life. However, a meeting with Alberto Morillas turned his life upside down. He became her mentor and it was with him that she highlighted her artistic side. Today, Christine Nagel’s talent is widely recognized around the world.

His career is already marked by numerous creations of bestsellers and multiple awards. Fascinated by the panache of Michel Almairac’s wakes, Christine Nagel signs here a composition which does not lack in any way ardor. She says she developed Twilly “thinking of young girls, watching them live […] Free, daring and irreverent, they play against the wind, she says, imposing their own rhythm, inventing an unprecedented pace”. This says a lot about the impertinence of this new perfume and which immediately makes you want to discover it …


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