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Bel Ami, refinement according to Hermès

Bel Ami, refinement according to Hermès
Bel Ami, refinement according to Hermès

Bel Ami is a Hermès fragrance inspired by the eponymous novel by Guy de Maupassant. Also, it embodies all the clichés conveyed by this literary universe of the end of the century. It combines opulence with lightness and leaves in its wake an intriguing and fascinating ambiguity. In this case, Bel Ami is a scent of androgyny. It corresponds to an elegant man concerned with his appearance. His virility is very refined and his freshness goes wonderfully with his suave and somewhat erotic aspect.

Bel Ami, the scent of a seducer

Bel Ami embodies the image of a man who is fully in tune with his times. The latter perfectly masters the art of appearing and knows how to seduce. It conveys its aura around the world and is extremely popular with women. What is more, it is aimed just as much at a man in jeans as at one wearing a tuxedo. It does not matter whether this man is strong or fragile, the main thing is that he makes women dream.

He is like Guy de Maupassant’s hero: very sensual, loving to seduce, both friend and lover… In this novel, Bel Ami is then a provincial but above all someone ambitious and upstart. The latter also managed to rise to the top of society to the point of being ennobled. This is a story revolving around social advancement, success, nobility and opportunism. Anxious to preserve its very aristocratic image, Hermès delivers with it a perfume all in nobility. It is a distinguished and powerful essence. Its elegance is timeless while remaining sensual.

Hermès works on the scent of leather

With this perfume, Hermès chooses to work on a warm and raw scent. Also, leather lends itself perfectly to the image that the house wishes to give to its essence. In addition, this material is dear to the heart of the brand since it has been working with it since its inception, long before it launched into perfumery. In fact, Hermès was originally a saddler and harness maker and his love for leather therefore does not date from today. In perfumery, leathery notes evoke animal warmth. It seems to give off tobacco vapors mixed with burnt wood, rich and mysterious.

However, Hermès has now chosen to work it more freshness. It is then associated with citrus notes of Sicilian lemon and bergamot. The latter are also mixed with petitgrain, neroli spiced with thyme and Roman chamomile. Plus, spices like cinnamon and cardamom also liven up the heart of this essence. Then, Bel Ami reaffirms its virility around patchouli, vetiver, labdanum, castoreum, styrax and oak moss. Finally, sandalwood and cedarwood reinforce the woody and masculine tones of the perfume while vanilla and tonka bean create a smoother and smoother atmosphere.

Last year marked the launch of a new Bel Ami fragrance: Vetiver .


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