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The Calèche perfume from Hermès

The Calèche perfume from Hermès
The Calèche perfume from Hermès

Horse-drawn carriage, racy and so elegant

It was in 1837 that Thierry Hermès founded the house of the same name. At first it was only a saddle and harness factory for horses. In 1878, it was his son Charles-Emile who made the brand evolve into the world of leather goods. Success was immediate and many statesmen loved to come to the store.

Hermès will produce “star” items such as the “Kelly Bag” or the famous “Carré Hermès”. The Hermès house launched into the world of perfumery in 1951 with “Eau d’Hermès”. In 1961, the brand unveiled “Calèche”, a fragrance that draws its inspiration from the world of horses.

Calèche, a nod to the equestrian world

With the disappearance of the horse, the Hermès house has bet on the carriage to allude to this area dear to its heart, offering it the place of the brand’s official logo. The Hermès house is not a fashion house and “Calèche” is a risky bet.

In addition to paying homage to the horse world, “Calèche” is also a true tribute to the authentic horse- drawn carriage introduced in France in the 19th century. The horse-drawn carriage was considered a luxurious and very elegant “object”, used by the richest who then liked to parade in the city and take long walks. “Calèche” is therefore a luxurious, elegant and sophisticated essence. For this very special fragrance, Hermès has chosen to stay in the fashion of the 60s, with an aldehyde floral scent.

The floral, woody and chypre notes of Calèche

According to Jean-Claude Ellena, the official perfumer of the Hermès house , “Calèche or the essence of classicism… Seduction through the beauty of being”. In 1961, it was the perfumer Guy Robert who produced “Calèche”. The latter takes off on the citrus notes of bergamot and lemon, associated with aldehyde notes, the famous molecules which made the success of “N ° 5”. The heart of “Calèche” is ultra feminine, it combines damask rose and May rose with jasmine, lily of the valley and iris. The bottle is sober and elegant. It is inspired by the carriage lanterns, used for the first time for “L’Eau d’Hermès”, in 1951.

A racy, but elegant essence. “Calèche” pays tribute to the first carriages, but also to the first love of the Hermès house, the horse. The composition is in total harmony with the fashion of the time, but this is the first time that it is not a fashion house that presents a perfume, but an old saddlery. The success is immediate and “Calèche” will be offered on several occasions to the delight of its fans.


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