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New box for Terre d’Hermès perfume

New box for Terre d'Hermès perfume
New box for Terre d’Hermès perfume

Terre d’Hermès returns in a futuristic box

The story of Terre d’Hermès began in 2006 and this perfume soon became a true legend. Like any great success in self-respecting perfumery, it has been reinterpreted many times. In 2014, it became Terre d’Hermès, taking on a more springy and airy feel for the occasion. Today, Terre d’Hermès is also delivered in a box with a particularly urban and futuristic look.

The bursting breath of Terre d’Hermès

Terre d’Hermès is a fragrance that reinvents the universe of the iconic Terre d’Hermès. This variant is lighter than its predecessor, and much more energizing. Moreover, for the occasion, its bottle has been lengthened and refined. He seems to be stretching to reach the sky. Terre d’Hermès opens with an aldehyde scent reinforced by the bitter and fresh presence of bigarade. Its heart, meanwhile, is more mineral and spicy. Finally, Terre d’Hermès ends with a more woody and infinitely masculine trail, composed mainly of oak moss. Terre d’Hermès is like a true haven of peace in which men take pleasure in recharging their batteries.

The box created by Hermès for its Earth fragrance

Terre d’Hermès is presented to us in a blue and orange box, covered with very geometric shapes. This visual and the chosen colors give it a very urban side while being evocative of a Hermès square. This refined box brings together three products from the range. It contains, of course, the 100 ml spray of Terre d’Hermès, accompanied by the body shower gel from the collection, and an aftershave emulsion. Hermès therefore offers men a complete toilet ritual.


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