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New: With Twilly Hermès signs an astonishing advertisement

New: With Twilly Hermès signs an astonishing advertisement
New: With Twilly Hermès signs an astonishing advertisement

When the Twilly d’Hermès perfume turns young girls’ heads!

The Hermès house is currently unveiling a brand new fragrance. This creates a kind of bridge between the couture world of the brand and that of perfumery. Indeed, it is called Twilly , like the smallest silk scarves from Hermès. This is the third creation from the brand’s exclusive perfumer, Christine Nagel. On this occasion, this designer has chosen to address the young girls of today in an essence synonymous with freedom, at once sassy, ​​joyful and fanciful. From then on, all that was missing was a communication campaign to accompany this new scented release. It is now done. Focus on the amazing advertising of Twilly…

Hermès reaches out to a new, younger audience with Twilly

Hermès has been trying to breathe new life into its creations for a few years. Indeed, the sign suffered from a somewhat “old-fashioned” image and suffered some criticism characterizing its style of “bon chic bon genre”. However, this image now seems far behind Hermès …

Since 2016, the brand has continued to disrupt genres. Remember, at the start of the school year, Hermès had no hesitation in putting its Silk Squares on images of women on a skateboard. The small scarves were then associated with colorful T-shirts as well as faded and fringed jeans… We were far from the image too “Madame” of Hermès! Faced with the public’s enthusiasm for this advertising, the Parisian brand has therefore decided to repeat the experience. Once again, with its Twilly fragrance, Hermès is aimed at a younger audience. Its advertising thus takes us into a particularly quirky world.

Contemporary dance fashion in the advertising of the Twilly perfume

The new advertisement for the Twilly perfume takes us into a particularly puzzling contemporary dance. It must be said that this mode of expression is currently on the rise! Contemporary dance is omnipresent in the advertisements for the new perfumes, as can be seen by the advertising clips for Kenzo World or the new Gabrielle by Chanel . Historically, contemporary dance was born from the need to find modes of choreographic expression in accordance with the life of its time. This art then developed from its origin essential values ​​of freedom applied to the body. Always perfectly in tune with today’s trends, this dance allows Hermès to fully express its idea of ​​youth and femininity.

L’esprit décalé du parfum Twilly

Le parfum Twilly se dévoile dans une publicité mettant en scène de nombreuses jeunes femmes. Toutes semblent être possédées par l’aura de cette nouvelle fragrance, au point de se lancer dans une danse totalement déroutante devant la façade de la boutique parisienne d’Hermès. Les corps s’entremêlent et s’entrechoquent. Tous n’ont qu’une seule ambition : se munir de la précieuse fragrance. Le tout est également souligné par un rythme électro mêlant des basses semblables à celle d’une musique africaine. Avec une telle campagne de communication, cela ne fait aucun doute qu’Hermès fera très largement parler de son parfum dans les mois à venir…


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