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The new H Terre d’Hermès bottle

The new H Terre d'Hermès bottle
The new H Terre d’Hermès bottle

The 2017 Terre d’Hermès H bottle reveals its urban and contemporary look

It was in 2006 that the Hermès house created one of its greatest perfumes. Today, you are no doubt familiar with the iconic Terre d’Hermès. Also, on the occasion of each new year, it reinvents itself aesthetically, delivering us a limited edition bottle. The year 2017 has therefore not escaped the rule and Hermes comes to this as we unveil the new visual of the bottle M . More urban and graphic than ever, it nevertheless contains a fragrance identical to that initially created by the talented Jean-Claude Ellena. So, let’s take a closer look at the new design of this woody and spicy staple of men’s perfumery.

The new look of Terre d’Hermès

The 2017 H bottle from Terre d’Hermès is unveiled in a resolutely urban version. This one takes again the graphic line of the conquering skyscrapers of a powerful city and as suspended between the sky and the earth. This time it is decorated with lines that stretch and intersect as if to shake up our vision of perspectives.

Everything plays brilliantly on our optical sense, making us discover a new vision of the city at the bend of a boulevard. However, the initial details of the Terre d’Hermès bottle have been preserved. Thus, the H Bottle contains the Hermès saddle nail, silver metal at the level of its shoulders, a sliding cover and an orange imprint on its base. It also retains its iconic H shape allowing it to reveal its luminous glow in a real burst of masculinity and virility.

Hermès employees

The new Terre d’Hermès bottle from 2017 was developed in collaboration with the British designer Nigel Peake, a well-known personality of the Hermès house and who likes to offer a look of “city dweller who grew up in the countryside” in the world. world of fashion. Nigel Peake is not his first collaboration with Hermès.

In addition, we already owe him colorful and dynamic works following the urban universe of Milan and being declined in a collection of Hermès scarves. Also, it is precisely this free and unstructured spirit that it has shown on the emblematic Flacon H de Terre d’Hermès. On the other hand, this container has kept the initial shape of its beginnings, as for it developed by Philippe Mouquet. It must be said that this designer seems to have always been linked to the house of Hermès.

Indeed, he began his career by doing an internship there at the end of the 1980s, when he was a student in applied arts. This earned him the award, two years in a row, in the competition for young designers organized by the Colbert Committee.

Since then, it has been a real pleasure to discover his creativity in all Hermès sectors, whether it is leather goods, watches, cuffs, ties or bottles. The 2017 H Bottle thus appears to be a compendium of the creativity of these two renowned inventive characters.


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