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Hermès L’Ambre des Merveilles Calligraphy

Hermès L'Ambre des Merveilles Calligraphy
Hermès L’Ambre des Merveilles Calligraphy

L’Ambre des Merveille Calligraphy, Hermès’ oriental journey

On the occasion of the 2016 end-of-year celebrations, Hermès has just announced the release of a limited edition of its fragrance L’Ambre des Merveille. The brand has decided to enhance its bottle and create a new version flirting with magic and enchantment. This new juice is called L’Ambre des Merveille Calligraphie and plunges us directly into an oriental sky loaded with a thousand and one stars. This perfume offers us an intoxicating and bewitching whirlwind, whether thanks to its scent or its visual.

Hermès’ love for amber

L’Ambre des Merveille Calligraphie reappropriates here the flavor of its predecessor. As its name suggests, it revolves around the scent of amber, a mysterious resin from the depths of the earth and the ocean. Originally, amber was a kind of pebble thrown back into the open sea by the sperm whale. On contact with water, its liquid form becomes a solid block. Then, time shapes its scent, charging it with salt, spray, sea air, …

Amber has a unique scent, both warm and aquatic, discreet and animal. Its many nuances have earned it great popularity in the field of perfumery. What is more, its rarity has always made people dream. However, as natural ambergris is no longer used in perfumery today, Jean-Claude Ellena has tried to reconstitute its flavor from other ingredients. L’Ambre des Merveille Calligraphie contains labdanum, a resin derived from cistus and famous for its vegetal warmth nuanced by more sensual notes. The recipe for L’Ambre des Merveille Calligraphie is also completed with earthy, dry and narcotic patchouli. Then, vanilla joins the whole, making it smoother and more exotic.

The enchanting bottle of L’Ambre des Merveille Calligraphie

Nevertheless, L’Ambre des Merveille Calligraphie would be nothing without its new bottle. This one reappropriates the codes of its predecessor. In particular, it has retained its tumbling shape, thus resting like a rocking horse. His heart, meanwhile, is bulging like a magnifying glass and thus offers a new vision of the Orient. Today, this glass bubble is covered with a shower of gold-colored stars. Yes, but not only…

Calligraphy also decorates this set, giving it an even more oriental and luxurious air. This extraordinary work is signed by Wissam Shawkat. The latter is a calligrapher originally from Iraq and currently living in Dubai. He has practiced calligraphy for over 20 years and his unique style imbued with traditional craftsmanship has won him numerous awards. He describes himself as both a traditional and a contemporary practitioner. Also, this is precisely where L’Ambre des Merveille Calligraphie is located, out of time and space. This bottle is a real delight still embellished with a golden and matte moon on its left side echoing its luxuriously golden spray.


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